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Rae’s blog as moved.



LLP’s Top Three Bestseller

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Top three bestseller for June 2010.

(1) A Taste of Passion-Rae Winters

(2) Unexpected-Tinisha Nicole Johnson

(3) Undeniable-Rae Winters

   Congratulations Tinisha

Rae would like to thank her readers for their support!!!

Salsa Heat

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Salsa Heat, has been contracted by Red Rose Publishing. It will be released in August 2010. Here is a sneak peek into Tia Santiago’s life.

The Forbidden Zone

Tia Santiago, a dance instructor and part owner of Havana’s Studio, is a ball of fire at five-foot-one. Her cool gray eyes and shapely, toned body entices every man she meets. She dances the Salsa with Latin grace and her passion attracts all who watch her. The women want to learn her moves, and the men desire to get into her panties, but she’s been celibate since her last, no-good boyfriend tried to abuse her. She has no time for romance. Now, along with her best friend and business partner, Michelle Shaw, Tia’s focus is on making Havana’s Studio, the hottest dance studio in Flushing, New York!

Crossing the Line

As a favor for Michelle, Tia reluctantly agrees to teach her boyfriend, Quincy Lewis, the Salsa. He’s a temptation that Tia’s been avoiding since they were first introduced, over a year ago. The heat from his fiery green eyes causes her many sleepless nights. Will these two be able to control their desires for one another once the Latin music lights the fire between them?

Seduction Series

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Caribbean Heat

Book One

Shay and Linden’s Caribbean Affair

Interracial Romance

The women from my Seduction Series are passionate women who are not afraid of going after the men in their lives. The first book from the series, Caribbean Heat,  is being edited for submission. I will soon be shopping for a publisher. Below is a sneak look into their lives.

Shay Bennett returns to the island of St. Lucia with her steady boyfriend, Michael Powers, for a little romance. But two days into her vacation, she discovers him in bed with an island slut. Enraged, she kicks him and that slut right out of her resort’s room, ending their three-year relationship. Disillusioned by love, she goes to The Pulse Club, intending to get her grove on—dressed for a sexual escapade of her very own.

 Will Linden succumb to an island fling?

Linden David Stewart, CEO of Stewart International, a Maryland-based company, has just signed a contract to provide office supplies to all of the island’s resorts and hotels. He and two of his employees swagger into the club for drinks and to unwind. The moment the hazel eyes, caramel beauty bumps his shoulder and invites him to dance with her, he doesn’t hesitate. His radar lights up, and her scent call out to him. One night of sex turns into seven days of sexual bliss.

Can two people from different ethnic backgrounds fall in love?

Coming soon–TBA

A Taste of Passion

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Book three, in the Romance Series, A Taste of Passion, will be released by Lady Leo Publishing Company in June. It’s ladies night out, and the characters from Undeniable and Obsession will make a cameo, updating the fans of this series on their lives.

After Chantál Thompson catches her live-in lover, Andrew (Drew) Colby III, in a comprising situation, she demands that he moves out of their Madison Avenue apartment. Drew is not about to move out and so now they are roommates, each with their own bedrooms, but sharing the kitchen and living room space.

It’s Chantál’s turn to host Ladies Night Out and Drew unexpected returns from an international photo shoot spoils her evening. Drew is burned out. All he wants is to lie back on his sofa, chug back a couple of beers, and unwind in his boxer shorts, but Chantál won’t let him. They compromise and she invites him back to her bed for a quickie. Passion burns hot, desire unquenchable, and Chantál can’t deny this white boy leaves her breathless.

Will Drew be able to erase his past mistake? Will Chantál forgive him?


Rae’s Blog

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Rae Winters’  blog has moved. 


My Blog

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The Girlfriends Series launched my introduction into eBooks and Lady Leo Publishing Company. While I was at home taking care of my terminally ill father I picked up the pen once again and began to write. My dad passed on to eternal rest, and writing has been therapeutic.

My head is in so many places. I’m a true Gemini and depending on what I feel like working on, I dig in. 

On the serious side, currently, I’m editing my first women’s fiction book, I’ll Be There. It is about a Bishop’s daughter who falls in love and finds herself pregnant at the age of sixteen. She is force to make decisions about her life, which she’s not ready to deal with. Fifteen years later, a man, and then her daughter come back into her life. She finds herself falling in love again, and she has to fight to gain her daughter’s love and respect.

 My other project, Time and Again, is a paranormal erotic romance. I started writing this story in November 2008, while I was a caregiver to my father. This year, I’m determined to finish this novel. Already, in my head, a sequel is talking to me, but I must finish this one first. I’m working diligently to finish and today I began writing chapter nineteen. I will post a chapter or two soon.

I revamped my online home www.raewwinters, and www.raewinters.blogspot.com. Check it out.